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Game Changing Addition? Kam Chancellor


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I don't know why I like Kam Chancellor so much. He just plays football the right way. He knows where the action is, plays in control, and supplements his speed with good vision and good angles. Chancellor played quarterback in high school, corner as a freshman, rover as a sophomore and free safety as a junior and senior. It impresses me when a player can get up to speed quickly. Physical intelligence, I liked it in Trent Williams and like it in Kam Chancellor. If Chancellor was straight-line slow and clumsy, he wouldn't be a prospect, but he's straight-line slow and graceful. If the speed stops him from sticking at safety, the athleticism, will and field intelligence will serve him as a linebacker. Wherever, I think he sticks and contributes.

1. 1st and 10 at TENN 25 Montario Hardesty rush for 5 yards to the Tenn 30.

Chancellor waves his arms, catches right corner Cris Hill's eye and then configures his hands into a diamond shape. Chance is playing deep center. Hill drops into "off". The left wide out motions in. Snap. Chance reads, runs up, squares outside the hole and drops Hardesty after five.

2. 2nd and 5 at TENN 30 Montario Hardesty rush for a loss of 2 yards to the Tenn 28.

Tech overloads the right and what's surely a pass blitz functions to kill the run. Chancellor starts in the box and shades the play and the hole as it changes. Left guard Cory Sullins attempts to pull out and block him, but he evades.

3. 3rd and 7 at TENN 28 Jonathan Crompton pass incomplete to Denarius Moore.

Chancellor is 15 yards deep, over the right slot. Crompton throws it out of bounds.


1. 1st and 10 at TENN 10 Jonathan Crompton pass complete to Montario Hardesty for a loss of 3 yards to the Tenn 7.

He puts his hands into a "T" shape with a crescent top. I'm not sure what the call is, but it's emphatic and it's directed at the entire secondary. Chancellor is over right slot. His receiver runs deep. It's a screen, sniffed out and dropped for a loss.

2. 2nd and 13 at TENN 7 Montario Hardesty rush for 2 yards to the Tenn 9.

Chance is deep center. Run. Does not factor.

3. 3rd and 11 at TENN 9 Montario Hardesty rush for a loss of 2 yards to the Tenn 7.

16 yards deep center, directs coverage. Tennessee runs. Does not factor.