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Assessing Need: Running Back

Running back

Starter: Julius Jones

Age: Turns 29 August 14.

Health: Missed games each of last two seasons, but mostly good.

Contract: Two years remaining.

Performance: Ok, but very capable of being improved upon.

Backup: Justin Forsett

Age: Turns 25 October 14.

Health: Good, but untested.

Contract: Two years remaining, plus RFA.

Performance: Good.

Depth: Louis Rankin

Age: Turns 25 May 4.

Health: Good, but untested.

Contract: Etc.

Position need: Relatively, this is not a need, but if we assume Jones is nothing special, Forsett should share carries and Rankin is best cut, this is a pretty big need too. Jones suffered a bit from bad blocking, but 29 is old for a back, and he doesn't have a lot to lose before he's bad. Seattle could survive without adding another back, but this position would then be a weakness and thin to boot.

Running back seemed like a need entering the offseason, but a luxury now. The best case scenario is that Forsett comes into his own in a major way and thrives carrying most of the load.