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Assessing Need: Left Tackle

Left Tackle

Starter: Sean Locklear

Age: Turns 29 May 29.

Health: Has missed significant time three of the last four seasons.

Contract: Three years remaining.

Performance: Below average, but incomplete.

Backup: None.

Depth: Kyle Williams

Age: Etc.

Position need: Desperate. No other way to put it. Seattle has one player that is capable of playing the position. He is probably below average, getting old and is often injured. It has Kyle Williams, but Williams is not considered a capable generic left tackle and seems very poorly matched for what Alex Gibbs wants. Hard to see him sticking past training camp.

The Seahawks need to add a starter. Relying on Locklear at this juncture is pretty foolish, and even if Locklear is the presumed starter, his health dictates a capable backup.