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Assessing Need: Right Tackle

These are akin to worksheets and I hate worksheets, but though they are not invigorating or deep, I think they will help us better understand Seattle's needs.

Right Tackle

Starter: Ray Willis

Age: Turns 28 August 13.

Health: Recently good.

Contract: One year remaining.

Performance: Willis was decent, but seems mismatched for Gibbs system.

Alternate Starter: Sean Locklear

Backup: None

Position need: Pretty strong. Seattle has one truly scheme appropriate tackle to play two positions, and his health is shaky. Willis was a bit mismatched in Knapp's zone-lite, and I do not see how the tall, lanky, athletic, but not super-quick tackle fits within Gibbs system. That puts Seattle one overextended, average and injury prone player away from searching for street free agents to play right tackle.