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Jason Campbell..Again.

I let go of Jason Campbell a while ago. In fact, I named the piece Letting Go of Jason Campbell. Isn't that cute. The allure of Campbell was that, like Charlie Whitehurst, he was an inexpensive bridge while the Seahawks attempted to get their house in order. It's never good to have a terrible, terrible quarterback. It hurts a team beyond the obvious. Campbell is stuck between stations. He is possibly mediocre and possibly good, but probably never great nor terrible.

Well, following the Redskins trade for Donovan McNabb, Campbell is not just expendable but getting the Rob Sims treatment:

Since he was drafted in 2005, quarterback Jason Campbell has spent most of his time at Redskins Park. Apparently, that's about to change.

Following the Redskins' Sunday night acquisition of Pro Bowl quarterback Donovan McNabb from the Philadelphia Eagles, Campbell no longer will participate in the Redskins' voluntary offseason conditioning program at the complex, people with knowledge of the situation said Tuesday. Moreover, Campbell, among the league's most cooperative quarterbacks with the media, has told friends he does not plan to grant interviews until after his situation is resolved.

I think Campbell will find himself on another roster before long, and will cost surprisingly little. Seattle passed up a third-round pick to retain Matt Hasselbeck, but spent major resources to add Whitehurst. Maybe they could revisit that move. If Campbell could be had for less than a third-round pick, than Seattle could improve its draft position and swap Campbell for Hasselbeck. I think Campbell is an excellent fit for Jeremy Bates offense. Though maybe Mike Shanahan disagrees. Maybe Campbell is not a great fit for any offense. I never took much time to break down his performance. If Seattle wants to spend modest resources on a modest upside flier, it can double its chances by swapping Campbell for Hasselbeck. If nothing else, it gets younger, healthier and adds an arm that can execute a down field passing attack.