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Assessing Need: Tight End

Tight End

Starter: John Carlson

Age: Turns 26 May 12.

Health: Sterling.

Contract: Two years remaining.

Performance: Awesome.

Starter: Chris Baker

Age: Turns 31 November 18.

Health: Excellent.

Contract: Two years remaining.

Performance: Good.

Depth: Cameron Morrah

Age: Turned 23 March 18.

Health: Incomplete.

Contract: Three years remaining.

Performance: Incomplete.

Depth: John Owens

Age: Turned 30 January 10.

Health: Good.

Contract: Will not finish it.


Position need: And holy crap! We have a position mostly filled! Carlson is a sub-elite tight end that is hopefully freed from blocking so dang much. Baker is much like Owens, but able to receive some. Morrah gives Seattle a little depth behind Carlson, and Owens behind Baker - though it seems unlikely Owens sticks with the team. If Seattle is committed to two-tight end sets, it could add another player to back up Baker, but there is no need to speak of.