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Assessing Need: Standard Defensive End

We have a little bit of catching up to do. My offseason schedule usually consists of a big pre-draft build, reviews of the players Seattle drafted and then a quiet period after that and leading up to training camp. Well, this year the draft is a bit of a mystery to me. I have some ideas about who Pete Carroll and John Schneider will draft, but nothing terribly solid. Things will pick back up after the draft. Might as well worry about the players Seattle does draft rather than the ones they might. Also, I want to spend a lot of time in July on Carroll's defense and Bates' offense.

Seattle should have better depth on defense. Should. Tim Ruskell was always better at finding defensive talent than offensive talent. Also, I am splitting standard defensive end from standing defensive end.

Defensive End

Possible Starter: Patrick Kerney

Age: Turns 34 December 30.

Health: Spotty.

Contract: Three years remaining.

Performance: Kerney is still a decent edge rusher, but has become a weakness in most other capacities.

Possible Starter: Lawrence Jackson

Age: Turns 25 August 30.

Health: Good.

Contract: Three years remaining.

Performance: Improving towards solid.

Depth: Robert Henderson

Age: Turns 27 November 9.

Health: Incomplete.

Contract: One year remaining.

Performance: Incomplete.

Position need: Sneaky big, but not overwhelming. If Kerney sticks, I think he will be transitioned to a situational pass rusher. Henderson needs to make it out of training camp before we can expect much from him. He played some standup end in college, but I do not think he fits that profile as a pro. We will see. It comes down to Jackson, and that's not so bad. Jackson was always meant to be a steady regular. He is healthy, has excellent recognition and contributes as run defender and pass rusher, just less so as a pass rusher. If Jackson is a rock, Seattle is solid. If not, neither Kerney nor Henderson should be relied on.