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Assessing Need: Standup End

Standup Defensive End

Starter: Aaron Curry

Age: Turned 24 two days ago.

Health: Mostly good.

Contract: Five years remaining.

Performance: Incomplete.

Situational pass rusher: Chris Clemons

Age: Turns 29 October 30.

Health: Very poor.

Contract: Three years remaining.

Performance: Good at what he does..?

Situational pass rusher: Ricky Foley

Age: Turns 28 June 9.

Health: Incomplete.

Contract: One year remaining.

Performance: Incomplete.

Depth: Nick Reed

Age: Turns 23 September 1.

Health: Good.

Contract: Three years remaining.

Performance: Pesky.

Position need: Give Carroll and company credit, they created the position for the Seahawks and then filled it. Seattle can't afford to lose Curry, but every team in the NFL has a position like that. It doesn't mean the depth is insufficient. One of Clemons and Foley should stick, maybe both, and I think they will provide some situational pass rush. Reed might be the odd man out. If Curry is injured, Seattle lacks a true starter to step in and might have to adjust their scheme, but otherwise, this is a pretty loaded position in the short term.