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Assessing Need: Defensive Tackle

Defensive tackles are grouped together, not because they have such similar roles, but because I am not yet sure where everyone fits in.

Defensive Tackle

Starter: Colin Cole

Age: Turns 30 June 24.

Health: Good.

Contract: Four years remaining.

Performance: Ok against the run, no meaningful pass rush.

Starter: Brandon Mebane

Age: Turned 25 January 15

Health: Good.

Contract: One year remaining, plus RFA.

Performance: Excellent.

Rotational tackle: Craig Terrill

Age: Turns 30 June 27.

Health: Good.

Contract: One year remaining.

Performance: Decent situational penetrator, but incapable of anchoring against the run.

Depth: Red Bryant

Age: Turns 26 April 18.

Health: Incomplete.

Contract: Two years remaining, plus RFA.

Performance: Sturdy, flashed some playmaking ability, but inexperienced and too often assignment incorrect.

Position need: Seattle does not need a tackle, per se. It could start Mebane and Cole and rotate in Terrill and Bryant, and have a decent if not great corps. The allure of drafting a tackle stems primarily from just how truly awesome this tackle class is. Seattle has long-term needs at tackle, and that's best filled through the draft. Terrill is likely on his way out. Bryant has not established himself. Cole is a big problem against the pass. Mebane is nearing free agency. A smart team would capitalize on the meeting of need and value and draft someone to pair with Mebane for the future, but Seattle might struggle to draft a non-need when its needs are so glaring. Especially if it is indeed attempting to win now.