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Assessing Need: Linebacker

Hawthorne is likely a starting outside linebacker but also the primary depth of Tatupu. Hill played inside at Clemson and could be Seattle's emergency Mike. It's a fluid position.


Starter: Lofa Tatupu

Age: Turns 28 November 15.

Health: Declining.

Contract: Seahawk for life.

Performance: Declining.

Starter: Leroy Hill

Age: Turns 28 September 14.

Health: A little worse every season.

Contract: Five years remaining.

Performance: A little worse every season.

Starter: David Hawthorne

Age: Turns 25 May 14.

Health: Good.

Contract: One year remaining, RFA.

Performance: Green, but promising.

Depth: Will Herring

Age: Turns 27 August 28.

Health: Good.

Contract: Two years remaining.

Performance: Very good cover, can shoot a gap, but lost in a pile.

Depth: Matt McCoy

Age: Turns 28 October 14.

Health: Good.

Contract: One year remaining.

Performance: Incomplete.

Position need: McCoy was an under the radar signing that likely will not result in much, but has interesting upside. If McCoy can get his life in order and accept coaching, the former second round pick has talent. Hawthorne and Hill are similar players. Hill is a tougher inside presence and much stronger against the run. He probably has better blitzing ability too, but Hawthorne is no slouch. Hawthorne is a little better if a little more undisciplined in cover and so far quite a bit healthier. Seattle has a ton of talent, but not a ton of depth. Herring could rotate with Hawthorne, but should not regularly start. McCoy is a bit boom and bust. Tatupu and Hill are injury concerns, especially Hill, and Hawthorne is still unproven. Seattle needs to add depth, perhaps one or two players that will stick on the roster, but it does not need to invest heavily into that depth.