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Assessing Need: Safety




Potential Starter: Jordan Babineaux

Age: Turns 28 August 31.

Health: Excellent.

Contract: Three years remaining.

Performance: Some good; a lot of bad.

Depth: Jamar Adams

Age: Turns 25 November 29.


Position need: I hope it's obvious to everyone else that Adams will stick at strong safety and the Adams-Babineaux duo will be spoken of like the hypothetical pairing of Lott-Easley. I hope. If you're with it. Like me.

Seattle needs two starters, has one potential starter it could upgrade on and one player that may be euphemistically described as seasoned depth. Why is Babineaux a potential starter after starting last season? Well, it's not entirely that he was bad, though he was bad at times. It's more that Babineaux was the default safety after Seattle dropped Brian Russell in the eleventh hour. Everyone in Seattle town wanted an improvement over Russell, and Babineaux was an improvement, but he was a Babineaux sized improvement. Seattle shed one problem and took on another.

Seattle needs a starter and another talent to compete. It also needs depth. It needs safeties.