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Seahawks Mock Draft: Drafting for Need

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The premise of this draft is to perfectly match order to need. No trades. Simple. Let's go.

6. Safety: Eric Berry: Pete Carroll has strong connections to Lane and Monte Kiffin, and the two have signed off on Berry in a major way. Carroll seemingly favors larger safeties, but let's give the guy a little credit and assume he might adjust his system to the modern NFL. Berry is a cuticle beneath Ndamukong Suh on my overall board. Kid looks special-special.

14. Left Tackle: Charles Brown: Seattle reaches a little to get Brown, but there is a sizable drop off in talent after Peanuts, and though I am not crazy about Brown's game, he has the capability to be an excellent left tackle in Gibbs system. Now, can someone light an inferno under his ass?

60. Guard: Jon Asamoah: Not sure Big Jon is fiery enough, but he is tools-wise an excellent prospect for a zone blocking scheme.

104. Wide Receiver: Blair White: Look for Schneider to mine the Midwest. He grabs his second talent from the interior in White. White is big, something Seattle seemingly favors, and his eye popping three cone drill reminds me of Greg Jennings.

127. Defensive Tackle: D'Anthony Smith: Atkins and Jones might still be on the board, but Smith hails a new beginning for Seahawks fans. It's been a while since tools were paramount and small school prospects were in play, but Smith is a high upside tools pick for a team that doesn't need an immediate starter, but could greatly use a talent upgrade.

133. Safety: Kam Chancelor: Seattle selects Taylor Mays the lesser at a fraction of the cost. Chancelor needs bumpers to keep him from careening into the gutter early, but his downside is a pretty good gunner. Could be a decent safety if he develops great read and react.

139. Quarterback: Levi Brown: Seattle selects the Charlie Whitehurst of this draft, drafting the strong-armed Brown. He will need time to mature, but Seattle has bought him that time. Good production and great upside, but marginal chance of reaching it.

176. Corner: Syd'Quan Thompson: Thompson is all burst and no speed and must play in a zone heavy scheme, or, more accurately, a scheme that keeps the receiver in front of him, but he is agile, athletic and skilled. Could be a steal to a team dedicated to giving him deep safety help.

245. Linebacker: Reggie Carter: Carter is an undersized inside linebacker that has some experience blitzing and could contribute on special teams. A long time ago, USC recruited Carter, but Carter did not develop like many hoped. He could play inside in a pinch and not be a mess against the run.