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Shades of the West Coast Defense

Blake Jensen pointed out this tidbit from the official:

In looking to get bigger and more physical at the left defensive end spot, the coaches are taking a look at Red Bryant.

The 318-pound Bryant was drafted in the fourth round in 2008 as a defensive tackle. But he’s taking some snaps at end during this camp.

"At that position, we’re trying to find our answer," defensive coordinator Gus Bradley said. "So we’re trying multiple guys, and just seeing how they’re doing."

Why I don't like this: Putting an tackle at end likely saps pass rush, a la Cory Redding.

Why I like this: Bryant is a fun talent but he's struggled picking up one tech. He plays out of control and it costs his team. See: Week 2.

  • That play was worse than it seemed. The 49ers were gouging Seattle's interior line. Bryant held against the Niners double teams, but dropped his gap, flowed too far offensive left and Gore cutback right for an easy six.
  • Bryant did it again on the next play. He attempted a spin that got caught halfway by Chilo Rachal. He was facing the wrong way when Gore blew past him.

Assigning him a gap and saying "go" might be his best chance of making it. Dan Quinn has his opinions about "strongside" and "weakside" and I am curious to see how this works out.