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Seahawks Sign UDFA WR Victor James

John is on a well earned vacation, and in lieu of his insightful commentary, you get my drunken Brian Billick impression.

6-1, 204 lb. WR Victor James was not invited to the Combine, but he recorded a 4.53 40, a 27″ vertical leap, and a 10′6″ broad jump at New Mexico's Pro Day. You may think this is another building block Special Teams signing; you would be correct. But this time there is an added bonus. James was the backup QB at UNM, and only converted to WR before his Senior year, catching 35 passes for 398 yards and 3 touchdowns. This means he has a little versatility, if not great speed. We should be heartened that Coaches Brian Schneider and Jeff Ulbrich are continuing to tinker with our "Little Giants"-esque inept Special Teams. 

See for yourself what you think of James. 

The picture above is not our new multi-talented savior, it is instead one Greg Inglis. Anyone who follows Rugby, occasionally watches Rugby, or has a cousin who once visited Australia knows who Greg Inglis is. He is the most recent winner of the Golden Boot, the award given to the best Rugby player in the world. He is 23 years old, fast as greased shit, 6-5, 240, and pissed at the universe. He is a Bad Aus, and he is interested in the NFL. 

I won't go too much into the story (you can read it here) but apparently such "NFL giants" as the Broncos and Bills have extended offers to Inglis, hoping he'll come into camp as a LB and a KR. If either of those ass-clown teams can woo him, I don't see why we couldn't hit him in the face with Pete Carroll's boundless levels of charm, and have Mr. Allen fly over his house on his jet bike powered by unicorn tears, and drop a beanbag chair full of money on him. 

I would be excited about this, and you can too