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Pete Carroll and Aaron Curry on Brock and Salk.

Welcome to the NFL Golden.
Welcome to the NFL Golden.

You can listen to both interviews here, and I recommend doing so. Some of this may seem like fluff, but for whatever reason, Carroll feels very genuine to me, like he wouldn't bullshit us. I'll throw out some of what struck me while listening, if it seems dumb, or I heard it wrong--let me know.

Brock seemed astounded by how much 11-on-11 Carroll was running, so I assume this is not the standard amount for an NFL team. Pete defended this practice by saying that while drills are "hugely important", right now they're "just trying to gather as much information as [they] can" and seeing the players in live action makes this easier. Carroll feels that by thrusting the rookies (especially Okung) into a live setting it will force them to adjust to the pace and speed of the NFL earlier than if they were simply doing solo-drills. Now Okung just has to face a decent Defensive End.

Carroll imagines it will take, at minimum, half a season before Okung is comfortable enough with the speed and rhythm of the NFL to make his own calls and identify what the Defense is throwing at him. Until then Ben Hamilton will assist him.  

When discussing past USC players, Carroll said he does not remember ever seeing Mike Williams in better shape than he is now. He confesses that Williams is still rusty, especially playing the deep ball. I was surprised to learn BMW is barely 26 years old (same age as Carlson and Brandon Marshall). 

Pete Carroll is "pumped up" about Red Bryant practicing opposite the Leo (Chris Clemons). One of his goals during OTA's is forcing the Secondary to be more aggresive in their coverage, and to operate more in press. Apparently Jennings is really responding well (color me skeptical). 

Carroll thinks Aaron Curry suffered without Lofa's guidance. Aaron Curry agreed with this, saying he just played full speed, and counted on Lofa to make up for his mistakes. Pete Carroll goes on to say that, besides the QBs, Curry has been studying at the VMAC more than any other player. 

Aaron Curry says he has been asked to rush the passer, stop the run, play in coverage, get in stance and fake the rush, play different positions on the DL, play all LB roles, and back up Chris Clemons at Leo. Said the overriding mantra of these positions has been to run full speed and hit his assigned gap gap/the QB. Curry says last years scheme was incredibly complicated and required too much thinking, says this scheme is simple; play hard, hit hard. Don't know how I feel about his aversion to thought.

Side note: Seahawks have released Jason Pociask, a follower of the patron saint of transient TEs. During his interview Pete Carroll said the most important thing he looks for in Practice Film is work ethic and drive. I'll remember this when reading who the 'Hawks release.