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My New Jersey

This is highly unprofessional.

Some time ago, I decided that whoever scouted best among the rookies, I would buy their jersey. My wife and I have four. Her, Deion Branch and Shaun Alexander. Both were acquired through Goodwill (with my approval that those were not taboo players) though I warned her about Branch.)) I have a Watters and Mebane. Mebane, new. Watters, my wife.

Whatever I scout, there's no sure success. Even if Earl Thomas grows faster, stronger, more explosive and develops telekinesis (He's 20 you know. Growth, even speed growth, is still possible.), injury can swallow any career. If not injury, tragedy. What the outcome, I think this class is significant. Greg Oden is no less significant though his cane complements his wizened visage. He is perhaps more significant.

My gut says Golden Tate, but my gut is often wrong. My practical side says Russell Okung, who looks too big to fail. Recently, Thomas. Chancellor is audacious, but c'mon Chance has a shot but one of the above, one, at least, one, is going to be special. Whoever's to thank, Tim Ruskell for his crafty trading and mishandling of the big moves, Pete Carroll, Boy Wonder, an impending lockout, a looming salary cap, confluence, fate, there's reason to be thankful for Seahawks fans. I'm thankful. I'm anxious. God this is a big preseason. Big Big Big