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Seahawks Ink Sixth-Round Pick, Tight End Anthony McCoy

The first draft signing from the Seahawks 2010 class is official and done. Anthony McCoy was a solid tight end for the Trojans with first-round tools that fell in-part because of testing positive for marijuana. Analysts are split whether it's worse that McCoy tokes or worse that he got caught. The former aligns him with NFL players and college kids everywhere. The latter indicates sloppiness.

Seattle selected McCoy in the sixth round. He's a hulking tight end (6'4", 259) known for his blocking and ability to box-out on deep routes. He averaged an impressive 20.8 yards per reception in 2009. Seattle is set at both starting tight end positions: The generalist John Carlson and veteran blocking specialist Chris Baker. Baker was signed this offseason as a free agent. He's 30.

McCoy could challenge for Baker's job right away, but it's more likely he's in the mix for designated backup. Competing for the spot are former seventh-round pick Cameron Morrah and much-hyped flame out and local boy Michael Allan. That's an impressive collection of talent for an essential position within new offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates' offense.