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Finishing Off the Irish

In the end, Jimmy Clausen's offensive line betrayed him.

1. 1st and 10 at ND 20 Jimmy Clausen pass complete to Armando Allen Jr for 5 yards to the NDame 25.

Tate beats the press but, as all game, the corners are sitting underneath. He's covered. Clausen finds Allen free over the middle.

2. 2nd and 5 at ND 25 Jimmy Clausen pass complete to Armando Allen Jr for 8 yards to the NDame 33 for a 1ST down.

Near duplicate play.  

3. 1st and 10 at ND 33 Jimmy Clausen pass complete to Golden Tate for 9 yards to the NDame 42 out-of-bounds.

Tate saws off his route and receives well ahead of Gary, playing off. He turns, nearly shrugs off Gary's tackle but is blasted out of bounds by Elijah Fields. This is the last play Tate factors. 

4. 2nd and 1 at ND 42 NOTRE DAME penalty 15 yard Personal Foul accepted.  

Blatant and unnecessary chop block.

5. 2nd and 16 at ND 27 Jimmy Clausen pass incomplete.  

Panthers rush three but are able to hit Clausen in under three seconds. He's barely stepping out of his backpedal before Romeus is through left tackle and colliding with and swatting at him. It's too bad too. Tate has negotiated three zones and is flying free on a nice looking dig route. Clausen attempts to target him, throws a desperate pass towards the turf.

6. 3rd and 16 at ND 27 Jimmy Clausen rush for 1 yard, fumbled, recovered by Pitt Myles Caragein at the NDame 28.

Last play, Romeus arrived in about 2.5 seconds. This one is just a shade under three. Panthers rush three. Tate doesn't factor. Clausen attempts to sling a pass sidearm, but the officials rule it a fumble. Game.