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Seahawks Goals For 2010, Part 1: Offensive Line Continuity: Left Guard Ben Hamilton

Ben Hamilton turns 33 August 18. He has a decent enough chance to continue strong into his mid-thirties. That depends on health, which so far has been a strength for Hamilton. It also depends on Hamilton actually wanting to play into his thirties. For Seahawks fans, a healthy Hamilton that can contribute at a high level for three or more seasons, is ideal. He fits the system. He is a good overall player, if a bit hold-prone. And he is cheap, super cheap, as measured by cap dollars and draft picks.

Goal: After a down season in Denver, Hamilton must prove struggled because of a scheme shift and not a decline in ability. Hamilton can hopefully avoid minor injuries that often presage age and injury-related decline. He missed a season because of a concussion, so if Ham Fighter ever looks wobbly, that's bad -- worse than you think. If he misses time because of a concussion, that threatens his career. Players are surely on guard after a spate of scary concussion-related news, and Hamilton has reason and right to protect his future. Finally, if he just seems to have one foot out the door, whether it shows up in his play or his demeanor, do not be surprised if, like most smart individuals would, Hamilton enjoys an early-thirties retirement.