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Bears Select Harvey Unga In Supplemental Draft

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As Craig pointed out, Seattle was linked to Harvey Unga, but as our eyes and rough ability to visually estimate speed pointed out, holy crap did we not want that. Unga was selected with a seventh-round bid. The Bears finished 7-9 and so the Seahawks could have outbid Chicago, but didn't; ultimately indicating that though some internal discussion may have occurred regarding Unga, the Seahawks decided he wasn't worth pursuing.

There is the story and the story about the story. Seattle chose not to pursue Unga, but the team is likely interested in adding a player like Unga. If the presumed depth chart holds, Seattle will be building its run attack off of two small backs: Justin Forsett and Leon Washington. Quinton Ganther would be the Seahawks power back. That puts Seattle on the fringes of small running backs. I don't know that running back size is a valid consideration, and there is no evidence to support the notion that bigger backs break down a defense, but all that is a pretty tough thing to pin down. We do not know exactly how starting two small backs would negatively impact an offense because I do not know of a team that has ever relied almost entirely on two sub-200 pound rushers.

Seattle might just stick with Ganther, especially since his DUI arrest doesn't seem, well, particularly heinous as far as NFL arrests go. If the team wants another player, another big back for whatever purpose a big back serves, who might it target?

Marlon Lucky

The former Cornhusker might not have the wheels to play in the NFL, but I wonder. Lucky is 5'11", 218, traditional feature back size, so not a bruiser. He has excellent hands and run after the catch. He is comparable to Leonard Weaver in some ways. Weak first gear, but good second gear and a good athlete so deceptively dangerous in space. What might make him most attractive is his availability. Lucky plays for the Hartford Colonials of the UFL. He is available for the invitation.

Lucky video

Chad Simpson

Simpson is currently a Bill, but couldn't be more buried if he was dead. Another guy with a so-so first gear, but the kind of speed through the hole you need in a zone blocking scheme. Simpson is project. He has some NFL tools, a 4.42 Combine certified 40, and a little bit of success at the NFL level, but a poor professional reputation. NFL players are in fact employees, and everyone has worked with someone that undermines their performance with a bad attitude and bad habits. I think Carroll likes players like this. Wants to shape them. Would Seattle's seventh round pick acquired from Cleveland be enough to land Simpson?

Simpson video

Chauncey Washington

No one wants Washington. Chauncey is now a Jet, and positioned somewhere behind Shonn Greene, Bike and Joe McKnight. That is a long way back. Not for nothing but Washington started ahead of McKnight in 2007. McKnight is the flashier runner, but Washington is better at avoiding negative yards. He only had 35 yards lost in 352 rushes for USC. McKnight had 126 in 347 attempts. Not that the two are comparable players. Washington is the sort of short yardage, kill-the-clock and general bruiser back Seattle is searching for, but I'm not sure he has a ton of NFL value. Early indications are that the league remains interested, but no team, once signing Washington, seems concerned about keeping him. May be worth checking out once he's inevitably cut.

Washington video