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2009 Season Retrospective: Ben Obomanu

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Ben Obomanu


Bears at Seahawks

Brad Maynard badly shanks the punt, sending it only 11 yards and, despite a holding call charged against Lance Laury, gives Seattle excellent field position. Ben Obomanu was storming from around the edge and his pressure forced the shank.


Outlook: Ben has turned himself into a quality gunner and that's no small achievement for the former 249th overall pick. He has also showed a little something rushing off the edge on punt returns. His tackling ability, tough to pin down before last season, proved reliable. He isn't a great return man, and it's hard to see Obomanu serving as anything more than depth going forward, but he was not terrible. Steady. His contributions as a receiver are drying up, and he faces greater depth and tougher competition for the fifth spot he held down last season.

Obomanu is competing for a roster spot. The Seahawks will retain Ben or Sean Morey, maybe neither, but probably not both. Obomanu is not eligible for the practice squad and shouldn't be. He may not be a great pro, but he has earned his place and deserves a roster slot somewhere. I like Obomanu because he is a solid athlete, tough and has worked hard to stick around so long. From an ability standpoint, I can not tell you who should be favored between Obomanu and Morey, but if only because of loyalty, I will be rooting for Ben*.

*Unless Morey is significantly better**.

**And if he is not, I think you take the younger, cheaper and more versatile player.