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Seahawks Goals for 2010, Part 1: Offensive Line Continuity: Center Chris Spencer

Seattle signed Chris Spencer to an RFA tender. Toss out the rhetorical garbage, Spencer is literally on a one-year contract playing for his future with the Seahawks. It would help tremendously if he could overcome the minor injuries that have haunted him the past few seasons. Along with overcoming minor injuries, Spencer needs to overcome unsightly gaffes. Spencer has 11 false starts in his five-year career. A false start is a pretty minor offense. Losing five yards without losing a down is no more detrimental than one unsuccessful run. But a false start by the center is ugly, sloppy football that sticks with coaches and fans and disproportionately colors their opinions of that center's skill, focus, intelligence and potential.

Goal: Start week one. Start week 17. Start 16 games. Record zero false starts and zero fumbled center-quarterback exchanges. Accomplish those five goals and everything else will take care of itself.