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Seahawks Notes for July 22

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T.J. Houshmandzadeh retro will follow a little later in the day.

  • The Matt Hasselbeck retro has generated five FaceBook "likes" and not a single "retweet." That would seem to be a generation gap in action.
  • Regarding Matt, he faces two top ten pass defenses and San Diego in the first three weeks of the season. I have never seen a coach acknowledge opponent adjustment, short of a perfunctory tip of the hat to a better team, and so the pressure might be on Hasselbeck right away. If he can survive Denver and San Francisco, both in terms of health and performance, Hasselbeck should avoid being benched, at least.
  • A lot of people requested that I look at Charlie Whitehurst during training camp. I am not sure that is productive. I think I will see an athletic player that can sling the pigskin a mile, but will not gain much insight into his ability to read cover, make quick decisions or avoid pressure. We will probably just have to wait until the preseason to assess Whitehurst's future.
  • I went to Powell's to ask about doing a book reading. I got the high hat from some aged failure. This whole process of chasing my dreams has left me wanting a steady job, a six-pack and a subscription to X-Box live.
  • Isaiah Ekejiuba (grazie, B.B.) has been linked to the Seahawks. Seattle is making a concerted effort to improve its special teams. On the one hand, great, leave no stone uncovered. On the other, can Seattle afford to horde special teams talent while it's rebuilding? Some fans believe that fringe players are forever fringe players, but presumed starting running back Justin Forsett was cut and passed to the Colts before luck passed him back. He was the very definition of a fringe player and an example that fringe player does not mean fringe talent. The process of talent evaluation is not perfect, by any stretch, and a smart team, a team in need of talent, should not sacrifice long term potential for short term gains.
  • Though, it would be nice to watch an exceptional special teams unit, and with Olindo Mare and Golden Tate on board, it is possible for Seattle to field an exceptional special teams unit. I will not criticize cycling through players until someone of value is lost.
  • The real value of signing Ekejiuba is that Eke was released and does not count for purposes of supplementary picks. Maybe Seattle could sign him and release Sean Morey. (Sorry, Morey, it's nothing personal (you Cardinals scum (kidding (you Steelers scum.))))
  • I said I would buy a jersey of the rookie that scouted best. Russell Okung undoubtedly scouted best, but I think I might play a hunch and buy a Tate jersey. Kid looks special to me. Okung is safe, Earl Thomas is loaded with potential, ditto Walter Thurmond, love Kam, but Tate looks singular and I love singular talents. Never know which way unique players will fall. Some just don't fit, but buying an overpriced team jersey is an irrational thing and my irrational side is leaning Tate.
  • My irrational side has a perilous road to my wallet.
  • I never root for failure, by any stretch, never, never root for failure, but there is an allure to Seattle playing well, losing a bunch of close games and being rewarded a draft pick that doesn't reflect their ability. I hate to be so pessimistic, and I know some of you hate the attitude that Whitehurst is DOA, but even if Whitehurst wildly exceeds our expectations, can he be championship caliber? I doubt it. Sooner or later, this team needs to take a big risk and pin its hopes on a franchise quarterback. I have been as resistant as anyone to the Jake Locker hype, but there is simply no denying the storybook marriage of region, talent, system and team.
  • And so, to that end, this year at SB Nation Seattle, I will post week by week scouting breakdowns of Jake Locker's performance.
  • Now, can anyone refer me to a good cable provider?