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Jeremy Bates Offense: PA Bootleg Right #1

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Formation: Trips left, wide receiver right, shotgun.

Projected Personnel:

-Trips (from left to right): T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Chris Baker, Golden Tate.

-Back: Justin Forsett

-QB: Charlie Whitehurst

-WR (right): John Carlson


1. PA toss left: Running back loops towards left sideline. Left tight end blocks in. Left tackle pulls towards left flat.

2. Primary routes: Leftmost wide receiver runs a crossing pattern. Rightmost receiver (in this case, a tight end) runs a ten yard hook-out.

3. Boot and outlet: Quarterback boots against the toss motion (in this case, right). The innermost receiver of the trips cuts behind the line and provides an outlet should the end or left outside linebacker crash towards the quarterback.