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Jeremy Bates Offense: Motion Pitch Right

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Formation: Three wide receivers / tight end -> wide receiver (left / right) two tight ends (right)

Projected Personnel

-Motioned tight end: John Carlson

-Left wide receiver: T.J. Houshmandzadeh

-Running back: Justin Forsett

-Right guard: Max Unger

-Right tackle: Sean Locklear

-Right interior tight end: Chris Baker

-Right wide receiver: Mike Williams


1) Leftmost wide receiver motions to outside right tight end.

2) Motion tight end blocks in: Interior tight end pull forward. Right guard and right tackle pull forward.

3) Back receives pitch right, runs around right tackle: Receivers feign route, engage defender when the jig is up. The rusher continues up field attempting to maximize lane between pulling linemen / tight end and right wide receiver.