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Final Training Camp Questions

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I have spent much of today finalizing my arrangements for training camp. Woo! Training camp! Obviously, there is some work incentive to taking in Seahawks training camp first hand, but I honestly enjoy sitting on the hill and watching the players prepare for the season.

Training camp coverage kind of takes care of itself. I write what I see. However, I wanted to create a numbered list that attempts to cover everyone's requests.

  1. Value of camp as performance indicator: This is a think piece rather than a report, but it's something I will keep in mind throughout training camp.
  2. Curry's progress: Curry looked pretty awesome in last year's camp, and so this might speak to the above. Curry is coachable and toolsy as all get out, and I expect him to look very good in camp, but I will watch for improvement.
  3. Bates offense: I will compare what the Seahawks are running in camp to what I have observed from 2008. To the specific question, yes, I assume Bates will have Hasselbeck running bootlegs.
  4. The rookies
  5. Whitehurst's level of participation: It's hard for a quarterback to look bad in camp. It's like a pitcher looking bad in warm ups. The most important element to judging performance is lacking: opposition. Nevertheless, I guarantee I will be watching our aspiring young cult leader.
  6. Vickerson: All over it. (and defensive linemen in general)
  7. Corners: Thurmond, oh mos definitely, and the general ranking of Seattle's corners. This includes Trufant's play, whether Thomas is seeing any snaps at corner and who's ahead: Jennings or Wilson?
  8. Strong safety: I think Lawyer Milloy is the presumed starter, but who is challenging for his snaps? Kam? Jordan? Jamar?
  9. Leo: See who is flashing. Don't count out Dexter Davis.
  10. Mike Williams: I have a little shameful pride attached to this guy, but, yes, I will be spying Williams a great deal.
  11. Bryant at DE: Can Bryant be disruptive enough to justify playing him at end. I like Red, and so I hope he excels, no matter how dubious the scheme seems.
  12. Linebacker depth: Heygood is gone, and so who is the primary depth behind Tatupu, Curry, Hill and Hawthorne.
  13. Team leaders: Always an interesting angle. My lasting memory from the 2009 camp is Brian Russell huddling with the coaches.
  14. Carroll: How does his approach to camp differ from Mora's?
  15. Special teams: I will see what kind of info I can provide, especially regarding free agent special teams ace Sean Morey.

Tell me anything I am missing. I will do my best to answer the above, though, as I said, training camp reports tend to write themselves.