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How a Training Camp Report is Constructed

I know that I am in the extreme minority here, but though I like the guy and am eternally grateful for his contributions as a Seahawk, I do not have any interest in what Matt Hasselbeck has to say. Perhaps, in a parallel universe, in which Hasselbeck could be candid, we would learn something, but athletes are experts in bull durham and no one is going to spill the beans after the first day at training camp.

Here's a cheat sheet for the next few weeks:

  • Everything is progressing well.
  • Rookies are picking up the system.
  • Pete Carroll does zany things that evidence his playfulness and infectious enthusiasm
  • The team is coming together.
  • We did some things right out there, but there's still some stuff we need to work on.
  • Injuries hurt, but every player here is ready to step up in a moments notice.
  • We're ready for the regular season.

I would take the pre-season.