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I like to imagine he's yelling "Come on you buncha sucks!"

I touched on this already, but one story I will not tolerate this summer is how energetic and enthusiastic Coach Carroll is. That's great. Who cares.

There isn't one way to coach. There isn't one model to motivating professional football players. Most great coaches acknowledge that what works for one doesn't work for another, and one needs to tailor one's style without expressing favoritism. Some players need hard coaching. Others need patience. Some adults get awfully sick of "Rah! Rah! Run! Run! Win Forever!"

I doubt I will live to see the day that chemistry is debunked in gridiron football, but when we speak of chemistry as a constituent to team morale, I don't believe it. At least, I don't believe it is by any stretch a priority. In that sense, winning creates chemistry. Success creates chemistry. Because winning and success creates good feeling, good press and job security.

In a simpler world, the 9-5 world, people get along when they are well paid, have job security and a steady, reliable and trustworthy boss. And then, they have to get along even if they don't. If you don't like one of your coworkers, you live with it. I've had bosses whose utter disregard for their employees would make Jim Mora's little tirades seem quaint. And Mora's tirades would have been quickly forgotten if Seattle won a little more, but they didn't. And so, chemistry down the tubes, team quit on the coach, etc.

Anyway, I have nothing against Pete Carroll. I obviously wish him the absolute best. I like that, unlike most successful pro coaches, he doesn't enter the league with a wacky new offense that's gonna set the world on fire. He seems to understand that talent wins. Great. Great. Now let's win.