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Dr. House shares a private moment with Pete

Kevin Ellison is a big dude. I thought his future was at weakside linebacker. He ran a 4.88 at the 2009 NFL Combine, which isn't slow, but, hey-this-kid-can-play slow, but, rather, remember-Yvenson-Bernard-?-Man-that-kid-tore-it-up-at-Oregon-State-for-a-few-seasons-,-right-?-where-is-he-now-?-Oh-.-He-ran-a-4.81-?-Yeah-,-forget-it-. slow. Which is mighty slow, like attempting to navigate that many hyphens.

Ellison has a lot going for him. Dr. House is a proven pro, which always carries undue weight. He started for Carroll for three seasons at USC. And, we can only assume, thanks to his Housian weakness for the Matthew Perry, has an extremely high pain tolerance. The latter also might be a problem. We shall see. We shall see how much sway Big Balls Pete still has in L.A. County.

But until then


What a heart-warming moment between coach and player.

"Where's the pills, Kevin? Where's the pills. Find the pills, Kevin. Find the pills. Found em? Found the pills? That's a good Kevin. Good Kevin!"

I should probably go see if I can fetch a hostel in Olympia. Until tomorrow, gents.