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Predicting the Seahawks Leo End

Seattle is, presumably, the first NFL team to employ a 4-3 with a 3-4 alignment. Now, if we want to get technical, many coaches would argue it is not the specific stance of the individual linemen and linebackers that makes the front seven a "3-4" or "4-3" but their duties, and by that standard Wade Phillips and others have employed 4-3 concepts with 3-4 personnel for years. But screw that, right? That's no fun.

The Seahawks have a standup or "Leo" end where other teams employ a pass rushing linebacker. Fundamentally, the two are very similar positions. Seattle does not have a talent even remotely close to DeMarcus Ware, Elvis Dumervil or Clay Matthews. It has a four camp bodies and an emphasis on competition.

Who do you want at Leo? It's easy enough to vote that Chris Clemons will begin the season starting, but that isn't what I am asking. Among the four most likely candidates, who among Clemons, Ricky Foley, Dexter Davis and Nick Reed do you want starting week one? Who do you think has the best potential? And why?