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E.J. Wilson and the Future of Lawrence Jackson

It is easy to see what Tim Ruskell saw in Lawrence Jackson: Jackson is a great kid with good tools. At times, he has flashed those tools, but on balance, Jackson has disappointed. His rookie season was putrid, punctuated by jogging through plays and then being benched. His sophomore season started better, but when the Seahawks started losing, Jackson vanished. I will not play junior psychoanalyst, but Pete Carroll doesn't have that luxury. He must guess both the ability and the motivation of his young player, and, well, I don't guess Carroll sees much of a future for Jackson -- at least not in Seattle.

If ability and effort were not enough to spell his demise, Jackson is now a scheme misfit, displaced at left defensive end and, presumably, displaced from both the left defensive end and Leo rotation. He has nowhere to play. And E.J. Wilson is a big part of that:


E.J. Wilson. His weight is up (to 292 pounds). His body fat is down (to 17 percent from 20). It’s a combination that definitely seems to be paying off for the rookie defensive end from North Carolina, who flashed quickness and power this afternoon.

During one drill, the fourth-round draft choice met running back Julius Jones just as he was hitting what should have been a hole and also flushed Losman from the pocket to force an incomplete pass. In a later drill, the disruptive Wilson forced Losman to fumble.

Jackson is too thick and slow to play Leo and too slight and movable to play left defensive end. Carroll has spoken a bit about Jackson bulking up, but with practice now underway, Jackson seems noticeably absent from media coverage.

Jackson could play situational end in nickel situations. That is a highly reduced role, but it plays to his ability. I think it's very possible that a trade is in store. Jackson could find a home somewhere. Somewhere that takes advantage of his good awareness, good tools and, should he ever find himself, still good potential. It seems increasingly unlikely that place is Seattle.