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Seahawks August 1 Practice Report: Defensive Backs

There wasn't a ton to see apart from Thomas, but let's sew this up:

  • Earl Thomas and Lawyer Milloy look to be the starters. No surprises there. Milloy, at least on the field, just looks like one of the guys. He was doing push-ups by himself before practice and it made me think of Rickey Henderson and his famous 120 push-ups a day routine.
  • Babineaux worked at strong safety. He looked alright. On one play, Babs was playing in the box on the offensive right. The run went left. Kole Heckendorf engulfed Babs and neutralized him. Practice though. Practice.
  • Kam Chancellor is indeed huge. He's built like a tight end: tall, broad-square shoulders and lean. I didn't notice him too much, but he seems a little lost. You know when someone just kind of stands there because they're not sure what to do? I saw Chancellor doing that.
  • Marcus Trufant looks healthy, and that's about all that matters for him. I saw him bite deep on one pass and stop his route and intercept another. Both plays were during 7-on-7 drills.
  • Jennings looks very fluid in coverage -- very sticky. I only saw one pass directed his way and it was way behind him and the receiver.
  • Kennard Cox was picking Milloy and Babineaux's brains. Kind of funny, and I'm not sure if it was appreciated.
  • Thurmond avoided or broke through a block (couldn't see for sure) and scored an open field tackle in 11-on-11 drills.
  • Kevin Ellison played free safety paired with Chancellor at strong safety. That is a lot of slow on the field.
  • Josh Wilson nearly tracked down a badly overthrown pass but couldn't catch up. Yes, it was that overthrown.

Next we'll talk today's other star: Golden Tate.