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Seahawks August 1 Practice Report: Golden Tate

Golden Tate was receiving passes before practice started. His stood still and let the passes into his hands. Very quiet hands. Very controlled.

  • And then he dropped his first punt return. Big sigh from the crowd.
  • It was his only drop. Tate was the primary returner, and I think that's permanent. Or, you know, set for the season.
  • Another not so sexy detail before I get to the good stuff: Tate is not much of a passer. Single-wing or Wild Cat formations do not work very well unless you can threaten pass. I wasn't wild about Tate's work with the direct snap at Notre Dame, and unless he can pick up his passing ability, I don't see it as a viable package in the NFL.
  • Bates put Tate into motion quite a bit. Press beater? Perhaps.
  • One play stood out to me: Tate motioned into the backfield, like an offset "I" or an H-back. The offense then ran play-action right with Tate and the boot moving opposite the blocking. It looked similar to something I saw Sam Bradford run at Oklahoma. Tate was put in space for an easy pass and a chance to maximize his run after catch.
  • Tate ran a deep cross that was very slick looking -- all speed cuts and separation. He had to wait for the pass, but was wide open regardless. Tate received, redirected up the field, spun through an arm tackle and took the it to the house.
  • Tate showed his hands and ball skills snatching a wobbler away from his body.

And... that's it. The rest of the wide receivers in a bit.