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Seahawks August 1 Practice Report: Wide Receivers

There's been a lot of talk about Mike Williams, but I only noticed him on one play.

  • He ran a deep cross and it was a nice, clean looking route. It's good to see Williams in shape and making some plays, but he's 26. I'm not going to make much of him flashing in training camp.
  • Branch is Branch and Housh is Housh, and neither showed more or less than should be expected of them. Housh looks consummate but not flashy. Branch is agile and elusive in the open field.
  • I only noticed Ruvell Martin once. He dropped a pass.
  • Deon Butler started slow but had a few nice plays to end practice.
  • He was badly bullied off his route going over the middle. In his defense, it was borderline pass interference.
  • Lofa Tatupu blanketed him on another short pass. This seems to be the Butler dilemma: He doesn't have great deep route-running skills, but he doesn't seem capable of excelling over the middle either.
  • Then, towards the end of practice, Butler twice found a soft spot in a deep zone and made a couple nice receptions. I didn't see it terribly well, but it looked like he scored a touchdown to cap one 11-on-11 drill.
  • Isaiah Stanback might be the successor to Sean Morey. He isn't plus fast and his athleticism is little too talked up, but he is a very good athlete and is thick and powerfully built. He didn't show much as a receiver, but I noticed Stanback and John Carlson grouped on down-field punt coverage.