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Preseason Preview: Scouting Mike Williams

Movies expect a level of stupidity from the viewer I am often unwilling to stoop. One convention I hate is the hopelessly inaccurate bad guys. Hollywood schlock mongers can not tell a story without a gunfight and for a gunfight to work, the main character or characters must remain nearly or completely unharmed. To accomplish this contradiction --a gunfight without danger-- minor characters, typically bad guys, must be hopelessly inaccurate shots. They are not a little off. They are not catching some flesh through sheer volume of bullets. Each and every bad guy must shoot like they have no training, have never held a gun before and are suffering the late stages of cataracts.

This convention removes all excitement from the gun fight. The convention that a main character is invulnerable, or only vulnerable to other main characters, or only vulnerable in carefully foreshadowed scenes of peril, makes a movie predictable and thus boring. That is why defying this convention can be so stirring.

Is Mike Williams about to go Frank Fowler from In the Bedroom?

It has been one choreographed gunfight after another until now. Williams has made dazzling catches against inferior and friendly competition. He has been set up to succeed. Now, midway through his comeback bid, he faces real danger: live, hungry, merciless opposition that must stop Mike Williams to ensure their own survival. Opponents with no mandate to fire wide.

I want to see Matt Hasselbeck, Charlie Whitehurst and/or J.P. Losman regularly target Williams. Targets imply trust. Targets imply that the quarterback perceives the receiver is open and trusts him to make the catch. There is innate value in achieving targets for a young receiver.

And I want to see a high percentage of receptions on targets. Williams needs to foster trust by getting open and consummate it by making catches.

I am not interested in long bombs. That might indicate an undisciplined opposing secondary, or just might be a fluke. I am not interested in touchdowns. If Williams succeeds as a receiver, he will succeed in the red zone. I am only interested in the ability to get open and the ability to turn targets into receptions. Accomplish that, and Mike can somersault through a shooting gallery, retrieve his gun, and blast the living fuck out of the NFC West smiling all the while.