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Postgame: Seahawks 20 - Titans 18: Winners and Losers

Something brief:

Big Winners

Charlie Whitehurst: Wins on two fronts: poise in the pocket, confident reads and confidence in the system. Loses his tail: Losman looks terrible.

Kevin Vickerson: Big man, big power and flashed Mebane-quick first step.

Quinton Ganther: Chewed carries and proved versatility. Hard to see him excluded from the final 53.


Josh Wilson: Big picture: a pick in the preseason means little. Game specific: pretty pick achieved through great coverage and better timing; big plays will help him win starting left cornerback position.

Cameron Morrah: Wasn't great, but for a toolsy tight end, showing ability during game action is an achievement.

Mike Williams: Loved the block. Loved the redirect on the touchdown run.


Matt Hasselbeck: Bates regular use of slants is a boon, but Hasselbeck looked as shaky as ever. Mid-range zip may be gone.

Kam Chancellor: Pick was a gimme. Fill fill fill -- as a run stuffer, but that's not surprising. Still must prove coverage ability.

Chris Clemons: Nice sack. Active. Question wasn't whether a situational pass rusher turned starter can rush the passer, but whether he can survive the run game and stay healthy while doing it. It still is.


Seahawks interior offensive line: I can't pick it apart yet, but pressure was streaming from the interior and with regularity.

Julius Jones: No proof that he can succeed in base offense.

Golden Tate: Jitters, yes, but a bad game is a bad game.

Big Losers

Sean Locklear: Abused and regularly.

Ricky Foley: Can't be a fringe player and disappeared so easily. Saw Foley attempt the edge and get swallowed up multiple times.

J.P. Losman: Throwing off back foot. No read. Kill the receiver shots underneath. Too old and too experienced to show this poorly.