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Charlie Whitehurst's First Drive: What Whitehurst Did

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Let's skip right to the headliner: Charlie Whitehurst. I will break each series into three posts: What Whitehurst did, what everyone else did and formations and personnel.

2. 2-11-SEA 17 (10:12) 6-C.Whitehurst pass short left to 32-Q.Ganther to SEA 27 for 10 yards (51-G.McRath) [78-J.Ford].

Whitehurst motions play action. Seattle keeps six blockers: the line and tight end Chris Baker. Sen'Derrick Marks dominates left guard Steve Vallos off the line. Whitehurst reads down field right. Center Ben Hamilton and left tackle Russell Okung fade in unison to assist Vallos and keep a wall of blockers between the Titans and Whitehurst, but the pocket is crumbling fast. Whitehurst hits Quinton Ganther as Ganther and Justin Forsett ex and Ganther releases towards the left sideline. Jacob Ford lunges through Hamilton and strikes Whitehurst. Ganther runs into the reception and breaks it up the left sideline for 10.

5. 2-6-SEA 44 (8:42) 6-C.Whitehurst pass short right to 86-C.Baker to SEA 49 for 5 yards (29-R.Mouton).

Seattle sets in mirrored bunch formations: tight end-wide receiver left, wide receiver-tight end right. Mike Williams and Golden Tate run middle outs left and right, respectively. Cameron Morrah and Chris Baker run speed outs left and right, respectively. Whitehurst takes a three step drop and fires to an open Baker. Tate reverses to block and Baker runs up and behind him for an easy five.

6. 3-1-SEA 49 (8:01) 6-C.Whitehurst pass short right to 1-M.Williams for 51 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

Titans are aligned with four defensive linemen tight, both outside linebackers wide and in sprinters poses, and the strong safety in the box with the middle linebacker. Whitehurst communicates with his team, audibles? Tennessee overloads the right, blitzes seven. Seattle keeps in seven blockers: the line, Baker and Forsett. Morrah runs a cross from the left tight end towards the right sideline. Tate and Williams run curl patterns. Whitehurst sticks in, doesn't feel pressure, locks on to Williams and hits him a couple beats after he completes his pattern. Horrendous cover by Mouton. Williams curls in and up field and lopes into the end zone.