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Whitehurst's First Drive: What Everyone Else Did

  • Second string offensive line: LT: Russell Okung LG: Steve Vallos C: Ben Hamilton RG: Max Unger RT: Joe Toledo. Raise your hand if you predicted that lineup.
  • Hamilton was pushed back nearly into the rusher on Justin Forsett's loss of one yard. He managed to drop the tackle, but the two's resulting pile proved more than Forsett could maneuver around. Jacob Ford bulled through Hamilton for the quarterback hit on the next play. Hamilton had fistfuls of Jovan Haye's jersey on Forsett's wide rush towards the left sideline. All in all, it was a pretty sucky start to the Hamilton at center experiment.
  • Chris Baker was in on all six snaps and blocked in four of them. He had two good blocks in pass protection and one good enough cut block on a Forsett run.
  • That same play, Forsett's run behind right guard for four yards, Russell Okung pulled hard right and cut the living crap out Sen'Derrick Marks. It was one of those low, vicious cut blocks that Alex Gibbs is (in)famous for.
  • Golden Tate ran an explosive hitch route on Williams' touchdown reception. It was the better of the two receiver's routes, but Whitehurst never looked his way.