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The Jeremy Bates Offense: Forsett Arrow Route for 30

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3-8-SEA 25 (5:32) (Shotgun) 6-C.Whitehurst pass short middle to 20-J.Forsett to TEN 45 for 30 yards (25-M.Rolle) [96-R.Brock].


Formation: Trips (left), wide receiver (right), running back (right), shotgun.

Personnel: (from left to right)

Wide Receiver: Golden Tate

Wide Receiver: Deon Butler

Tight End: Chris Baker

Running Back: Justin Forsett

Wide Receiver: Mike Williams


1) Charlie Whitehurst receives snap, looks down field right:

2) Tate runs a hitch: Butler streaks deep; Baker runs towards the left flat; Forsett angles right; Williams streaks deep.

3) Whitehurst sees Forsett achieving a step on the linebacker: Targets underneath and hits Forsett in stride. He sprints 20 yards for a 30 yard reception.


1. Russell Okung and Joe Toledo both allowed edge pressure. Whitehurst passed right before being struck by Raheem Brock.

2. Good block by Williams down field.