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Whitehurst's Third Drive: Whitehurst and Everyone Else

Justin Forsett braces for another season of breaking tackles in the backfield.
Justin Forsett braces for another season of breaking tackles in the backfield.

Taco Bell is employing the same voice actor, or at least a voice actor with the same Speedy Gonzalez accent, for its new talking lime promotion. Proof that Taco Bell is flavorless even in its stereotyping.

This was a three play drive and so I won't waste your time splitting it into two posts. I will abuse your trust with an advertisement placed within editorial content.

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Because how else would I roll a snooter without all the Benjamins Sports Blogs is paying me? Selling out: So much less sexy than it sounded when I was 15.


  • Charlie got it easy. Whitehurst orchestrated three plays involving two reads. The first was a pass overthrown high that Golden Tate jumped for, reeled in, attempted to redirect-left while in mid-air, fell, hesitated because (I presume) he thought he was down, got up and attempted to cut back left in a futile try at yards after catch. That's some hamburger play right there: raw, bloody and riddled with shit.
  • He locked onto Tate on the next play too. This might have been the Tate series, designed to feature Golden Tate. Whitehurst received the shotgun snap, waited as Tate ran a slant and achieved inside position on Devin McCourty, hit Tate on the hands, in stride and watched the play come undone as Tate bobbled and dropped the pass.
  • Hand off on inside draw.

Everyone else

  • Sometime between Tate tumbling to the turf and popping back up to attempt a futile scramble for yards after catch, Steve Vallos fit in a hustle moment: he pulled forward and attempted to block for Tate. Now, it's also possible this was a botched screen and Vallos was a day late and a dollar short, but I'll grant the benefit of the doubt. What does it say when Vallos was probably the best interior offensive lineman among the second string offensive line? It says Steve Vallos is a god among men.
  • It's easy, lazy analysis to say the defense was not surprised by Seattle's second draw attempt on third and long. And it's wrong. Justin Forsett wasn't dropped because of lack of surprise but lack of execution.
  • Max Unger is blown back. This is where things start to crumble.
  • Forsett never finds a lane, finding it hard enough to avoid running into Unger's back.
  • Vallos and center Ben Hamilton begin by doubling Sen'Derrick Marks. Vallos releases to block into the second level. Hamilton loses Marks.
  • Marks stunts around the big divot caused by Jovan Haye dominating Unger and tackles Forsett just getting started.
  • Play lost, Unger finally bullies back a no longer trying Haye. is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation football communities.This post is one of a series of sponsor endorsed posts relating to the Fantasy Football Commissioner League.