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Whitehurst's Fourth Drive: What Everyone Else Did

Let's take a second to discuss Max Unger. Unger was bad last season. Unger was bad for most of his short showing on Saturday. Unger is a 24-year old right guard that is showing power deficiencies. He might need to be replaced in the short term, but he isn't a bust.

The problem for Seattle and the reason Unger may need to be replaced in the short term is Ben Hamilton. Hamilton is the team's designated athletic, skilled, power-deficient guard that is fine doubling the nose and then releasing into space, but probably shouldn't be singled up against a tackle. Unger is functionally the same player. He is struggling in part because someone needs to do the dirty work, and that's Unger, and the dirty work, single blocking a defensive tackle, is something he clearly struggles at.

The solution? Re-sign Rob Sims.

No, I don't know what the solution is. The solution just might be to suffer Unger's growing pains and trust in his potential.

  • The starting line in the second half: Russell Okung - Steve Vallos - Jeff Byers - Mitch Erickson - Joe Toledo. Wrotto subbed for Okung.
  • From the can't judge the competition department: Everyone looked okay. Byers flashed on a few plays.
  • From the compounding previous weaknesses department: Erickson looked the worst of the five.
  • Quinton Ganther might be Julius Jones' direct competition. That might seem queer, Jones is the starter and Ganther is flexible depth, but Ganther's flexibility, ability to pass block and receive, might make Jones expendable. Seattle could use the roster spot.
  • Ganther took a pitch on a play Moon described as a student body left. It was close enough for commentating. Okung pulled out and threw his body at a couple defensive backs. It was effective if ugly. Alterraun Verner and Pete Ittersagen had time to discuss world politics in the shadow of Okung's flopped body. Tate chipped so Okung could pull. What wasn't ugly was Okung and Owen Schmitt's coordination pulling left. Good spacing, timing, coordinated speed - shades of 2005, if I may invoke something so sacred.
  • Ganther cut back right against the surge of his line and broke Jason Babin's tackle to burst into the open field for 13. Babin started for the Titans and was still rotating into the third quarter. That is some enviable end talent, Tennessee. Perhaps you'd like a Lawrence Jackson we have lying around.
  • The run featured end around motion. I love runs that feature end around motion.
  • With Ray Willis out and Sean Locklear sucking up his start at right tackle, what options does Seattle have? Mansfield Wrotto's brief encounter with Eric Bakhtiari does not foretell a future at either tackle spot. He pulled out left and attempted to engage Bakhtiari in space and Bak shoved him to the side and tackled Ganther after a gain of one. Wrotto suffered the rare defense lineman pancake.
  • Vallos pulled left on an inside draw out of shotgun. He collided with and lost Gerald McRath and McRath forced Ganther wide right and into the arms of Verner for a loss of one.
  • Maybe I overstated the performance of the offensive line.