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Seahawks August 1 Practice Report: Backs and Offensive Linemen

Same caveats as before. Practice is not a great medium for watching running backs especially.

  • I saw Owen Schmitt early on. That's something. I wouldn't worry too much about Owen. Seattle does not have a great need for a fullback, and if it has to settle on XYZ back to fill the position, it wouldn't be a crisis.
  • XYZ back might be Quinton Ganther. Ganther is stout, much thicker than one would expect a running back.
  • He is decently quick though. I recorded two quality runs from Ganther.
  • It was nice to see Justin Forsett receive a pitch and quickly redirect. It is a minor but important detail within Bates' offense. Justin looked himself: shifty, good explosion through the hole and a ton of fight.
  • Louis Rankin didn't fare so well. He looked slow receiving a pitch and slow to turn on the jets and thus had to string a run wider and wider left. Rankin was eventually stopped for loss.

Offensive linemen

  • Sean Locklear stands out because of his size and athleticism. He caught a pass over his shoulder as if to display that.
  • Size and athleticism is pretty easy to pick out when you separate an offensive line into its players. Steve Vallos is relatively small, as are many of the camp bodies. Mansfield Wrotto looked about as lean as I've ever seen him. He was sort of similar in size and shape to Vallos. Jeff Byers is bordering on thin. Ben Hamilton didn't look as much like a tight end as I expected.