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Seahawks August 1st Practice Report: Quarterbacks and Tight Ends

Charlie Whitehurst's hair looks impractical. It makes for great photos, but who would want to play under that kind of insulation?

  • I could talk particulars, but let's get to the meat of the matter: Matt Hasselbeck executes plays in a manner Whitehurst and Losman are just not yet capable of. He sees the field. Whitehurst and Losman seem to lock onto one route and then look to check down. That's the progression: 1. Primary receiver 2. Outlet. Losman looked particularly hasty with his check-downs. He would toss underneath even if the targeted receiver seemed well-covered. I expect to see some receivers getting blown up in the near future.
  • Whitehurst did two things I am preparing myself to see a lot of: panicked under pressure (imagined pressure, in this case, as he was red-shirted) and lock onto one receiver.
  • Does reading a defense make a quarterback? No, not entirely. It's more like this. Take the segment of humanity that is athletically capable of playing quarterback. That eliminates most of the human population. Then, take from that only the players with enough height, arm strength and accuracy to play in the NFL. Our pool is reduced further. Now, among those players, which is capable of reading a defense and knowing where to pass? That's why, within this already rarefied pool, the mental aspect is so amazingly precious. It may not be that rare that a human being could learn the patterns of a defense, its tendencies and also memorize dozens of plays, and be able to time and execute them, but it is extremely rare among those physically capable of doing the job. I think Losman and Whitehurst might be physically capable, but little else.

Tight Ends

  • John Carlson is good.
  • He made a nice rolling catch on a low pass away from his body and towards the left sideline.
  • He made a good open field move to increase his run after catch. Despite his limited straight-line speed, Carlson has excellent feet and good agility.
  • As promised, Carlson was moved all over, including a look from fullback. From fullback, he ran a similar play to the one I described Golden Tate running. Misdirection is a major part of this offense.
  • Cameron Morrah made a nice catch and upfield move in traffic.

Some final notes to follow, and then that's it for yesterday.