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Seahawks August 2 Practice Report: Defensive Line and Linebackers

My notes are much more limited today. Short post today, a little more tomorrow.

Defensive Line

  • The defensive line was working on coordinating stunts, and the first pairing I saw was Brandon Mebane and Chris Clemons. It was well timed, smooth and explosive. No other pairing looked nearly as capable. E.J. Wilson and Jonathan Lewis looked slower and clumsier, but then, that's strongside end and tackle.
  • Clemons looks good. He may not be a world-beater, but he's better than camp fodder. I don't expect great things, but if he can enter the season healthy and survive the wear and tear of starting, he could be a serviceable pass rusher.
  • Ricky Foley showed hesitation facing a play fake. It will be interesting to see how quickly he learns to read pro offenses. If he loses a step, he's lost.
  • On the next play, Foley tore in and recorded a "sack."
  • Lawrence Jackson was playing some defensive tackle. On one play, he turned a quick first step into a rip and pass pressure.
  • I mostly noticed Nick Reed playing with his hand in the dirt.


  • David Hawthorne had little trouble keeping up with Owen Schmitt, who was activated from the PUP list yesterday, in a coverage drill.
  • Leroy Hill doesn't look himself. Not only does he look rounder, but he looked gassed. I can't imagine physical fitness has been his priority lately.
  • Joe Pawelek was getting burned all over the field. Justin Forsett burned him on an out-breaking option route, and a tight end I wasn't able to make burned him deep. There's some skill there, but where other players tap into another gear, Pawelek just peters out.
  • Will Herring kept up with John Carlson on a deep route. The coverage was a little chippy, borderline pass interference, but within reason, and tight. I like what I've seen out of Herring.
  • He blitzed on another play and it was quick, fierce and determined.
  • Matt McCoy allowed an easy interception through his hands.