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Player Sketches from Seahawks-Titans: Etc.

I took fewer notes from the Rusty Smith fourth quarter.
I took fewer notes from the Rusty Smith fourth quarter.

A few bullet points covering the rest:

  • From Brandon Mebane to Kevin Vickerson to Jonathan Lewis, Seattle's defensive tackles were exploding off the snap. That might be indicative of good coaching. That might be indicative of a Titans team playing their first preseason game, at Qwest, telegraphing the snap.
  • I didn't see much from Seattle's collected Leo ends. Dexter Davis made some waves in mop up duty, but all-in-all, from a collection of players assigned little else but rushing the passer, it was a quiet showing.
  • This only matters to Jaguars fans, but Alvin Bowen struggled tackling. That is something that shows up in games and much less so in practice.
  • Lawyer Milloy, Jamar Adams and Kam Chancellor all looked good. Adams played free safety and was largely unchallenged. I wouldn't want to see him at free safety in a regular season game.
  • Quinn Pitcock has impressive strength for his size, and his pass rush moves are very real. He is a headache to lock down.
  • Nick Reed was sealed into oblivion on Stafon Johnson's 17 yard run. Terrill and Lewis penetrated the interior and it looked like a stuffed run, but when Reed was knocked off the edge, the Titans were able to surge up the right sideline.
  • Matt McCoy had one of the better games among the fringe players. He is focused and precise in traffic and that's essential for good linebacker play. On one play, he fought off a block from Fernando Velasco and ranged from middle towards the right sideline and caught Johnson off right end for no gain. On another, he blitzed through the interior and forced a hold. Also: good coverage.
  • I do not know if I made this clear enough but: Neither Justin Forsett nor Julius Jones had much of any success running. Both were undermined by their interior run blocking.
  • Kevin Vickerson was the defensive player of the game. He penetrated into the backfield, regularly. He forced and split double teams, regularly. And he looked like the perfect complement to Mebane.
  • The defensive tackle pairing on Javon Ringer's 46 yard rush: Craig Terrill and Colin Cole. Johnson powered for an easy six against the same pairing on the next snap.
  • Terrill does not deserve half the criticism he receives. His greatest "failing" is constantly being paired with substandard over tackles. On Ringer's run, Velasco, the guy McCoy shed, single blocked Cole about three yards left. Terrill faced a double team, and that's not within his skill range. Instant rushing attack.
  • Aaron Curry has yet to show much from defensive end. He is mastering the takeoff, but from that point on it's all bull in a china shop. Bull in a China Shop is quickly becoming Curry's nickname.
  • Roy Lewis looked decent from nickel.
  • Kelly Jennings was credited for good coverage by both Curt Menefee and Warren Moon on a play where Kenny Britt outmuscled him off the snap, got inside position, slanted in with good separation and a couple steps towards the inside, and Chris Simms threw it at Britt's feet. If only Jennings could have that effect on every pass attempt.
  • He also received praise for a Simms overthrow to Britt. Britt had about three steps on Jennings.
  • Red Bryant looked ... ok at end. He looks powerful and he should be solid against the run. I don't see him squaring and sacking a quarterback in space with much regularity. Simms had little trouble evading Bryant after Bryant fought past Roos.
  • Josh Wilson might have been the other defensive MVP. He had a good open field tackle. He had that truly nice interception. As a point of clarification, Clemons did not pressure Vince Young into that interception. Young set and fired and it was not a wobbly or inaccurate pass. He was not in imminent danger of being sacked. Wilson just played the ball better. He was on that route like a wide receiver.

That is about it. And just in time for tonight's game.