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Postgame: Seahawks 24 - Packers 27

Earl Thomas was out of position, but I am much more worried about Aaron Rodger's fortnight to set and throw.
Earl Thomas was out of position, but I am much more worried about Aaron Rodger's fortnight to set and throw.

Big Winners

Matt Hasselbeck: The results speak for themselves, but the foundation of those results: stepping into throws, mid-range zip, comfort within the system, are what Seahawks fans have waited to see.

Jon Ryan: I have no idea how repeatable pinning a punt within the 20 is, but that's three for Ryan. Also, same old boom and so far no big returns.

Marcus Trufant: Trufant is a great cover corner and he's developed ability as a run stuffer as he's aged. He looked agile, tough and, more than anything, himself.

Mike Williams: Williams received for fewer total yards than in week one, but he did it through regular separation. Four receptions is encouraging. Continued good work as a route runner is encouraging. Catching it along the sideline is flashing the concentration and athleticism that once made him special.


Leon Washington: Four rushes do not typically mean a whole heap of a lot, but Washington is undoubtedly the fastest Seahawks rusher through the hole and that is why Gibbs zone-blocking system seems to work when he gets the ball.

Roy Lewis: Steady, sound and playing his way onto someone's roster.

Dexter Davis: Davis should see snaps with the first team defense. He might already be the team's best or second best Leo.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh: We know Housh can do this stuff, but it's good to see the guy looking fast, explosive and powerful after off-season surgery.

Ben Obomanu: Continued strong special teams play earns him a spot, but end around shows he's capable of more.


Charlie Whitehurst: Second pick was an unlucky bounce on an accurate pass that ate up Anthony McCoy. He was out of rhythm all game, not dropping and passing, but milling and throwing off his back foot and against his momentum.

Golden Tate: It was another mostly quiet game for Tate. He is raw. Super raw. But it's good to see some fire after taking a shot.

Mansfield Wrotto: Wrotto was pretty solid, that's undeniable, but was he solid because he has improved or was he solid because he was a change of pace? It will be interesting to see what he does if Okung is forced to miss any time.

Deon Butler: Butler can give you a little extra in space, but he really needs to show some consistent production for it to mean much of anything.

Tyjuan Hagler: Commentators got it into their head after Hagler's gimme interception that Hagler was all over the place. Minus the interception, Hagler was one somersaulting tackle from being Joe Pawelek.


Russell Okung: Hope the ankle injury is minor and Okung was rushed back as a precaution. He didn't play poorly, but injury is injury.

Kentwan Balmer: Ankle injury. Too bad too, because he looked like he had his fight on.

John Carlson: Struggled finding separation. Consistently covered tight and that led to drops.

Big Losers

Julius Jones: His speed through the hole is still mismatched for this system. He would make a good third down back, but I'm not sure Seattle will use him in that capacity.

Aaron Curry: Bull. China Shop. Curry is a smart kid. He showed awareness at Wake Forest. I'm not sure if he's a slow learner or just tuned out.

J.P. Losman: Two quarterbacks.