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Max Unger and John Carlson Combine for a Three and Out

It's not too often that two players can claim credit for an entire offensive series failing, but John Carlson and Max Unger owned this botched drive. Suffice to say, I am not worried about Carlson. Unger is the most consistently bad player on this entire team.

1-10-SEA 38 (9:40) 8-M.Hasselbeck pass incomplete short right to 89-J.Carlson (46-C.Peprah).

B.J. Raji works Unger, first driving him back and then separating on the outside to achieve a clear lane to Matt Hasselbeck. Hasselbeck mans up and both evades Raji and steps into the pocket. He targets Carlson, but the pass is (understandably) a little inaccurate. Carlson can not snatch the pass away from his momentum and it falls incomplete.

Recipe for failure:

1 part inaccurate pass

1 part missed reception

8 parts blown block

2-10-SEA 38 (9:34) 33-L.Washington right tackle to SEA 40 for 2 yards (54-B.Chillar).

Washington hits the hole in a hurry. The play looks so close to popping, but one blown block puts a defender in the rush lane and one blown block allows a linebacker to catch Washington from behind -- which isn't easy.

Unger loses Rob Francois and Rob caps the rush lane. Fracois doesn't factor.

Carlson botches his cut block and Brandon Chillar runs around him to tackle Washington from behind.

3-8-SEA 40 (8:58) (Shotgun) 8-M.Hasselbeck pass incomplete short middle to 89-J.Carlson.

Mansfield Wrotto is losing his block against an edge rush but Matt steps up and puts Wrotto back into strong position. Hasselbeck zips it to Carlson and Carlson drops it.