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There Is No Weak Side

Green Bay allowed the most sacks in the NFL last season.

1-10-GB 9 (8:44) 32-B.Jackson up the middle to GB 18 for 9 yards (36-L.Milloy).

Green Bay aligns one wide, left.The Packers offensive line surges right but the Seahawks are game, filling lanes and maintaining gaps. Except on the left. Andrew Quarless stuffs Nick Reed into the pile and opens a huge cutback lane. Brandon Jackson obliges.

Marcus Trufant is playing over the left tackle. He squares in the hole, but it's too big and ever widening and what was a sound position fails when Jackson cuts in and around Trufant. Lawyer Milloy cleans up.

I hate the Leo package. I really, really do. With all due respect to the Seahawks defensive brain trust, how the hell is this supposed to work?

2-1-GB 18 (8:11) 32-B.Jackson right tackle to GB 19 for 1 yard (97-E.Wilson).

E.J. Wilson fights off Breno Giacomini and plugs the hole. A generous spot awards Jackson the first.

1-10-GB 19 (7:32) 10-M.Flynn sacked at GB 12 for -7 yards (98-N.Reed).

My TV cut out for this play. No joke. I am sure it was suitably eternal.

2-17-GB 12 (6:55) (Shotgun) 10-M.Flynn scrambles left end ran ob at GB 20 for 8 yards.

Seattle sets in a 4-2 nickel, but Craig Terrill drops into a useless zone. Seattle rushes three and it costs them the sack.

Aaron Curry and Chris Clemons are the ends. Red Bryant plays nose. Curry and Clemons get after it. Clemons runs a pure edge rush, the kind the Colts use: he doesn't run towards the quarterback but straight and once he's outrun the tackle to the spot, then he turns the corner. Curry attempts a more traditional rush and powers through Giacomini. It's Curry that applies the fatal pressure. Clemons flashes free but doesn't close. Curry is right there ready to grasp and fell Flynn, but that extra blocker, that blocker that would have otherwise been assigned Terrill, the right guard, screams back and bullies Curry over and Flynn scrambles free for eight.

And, really, what's the use of putting Terrill into cover?

3-9-GB 20 (6:23) (Shotgun) 10-M.Flynn pass incomplete short right to 16-B.Swain (23-M.Trufant).

Tru shadows and tips away a pass targeting Brett Swain. And sometimes it's as simple as that.