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Postgame: Seahawks 13 - Vikings 24

Big Winners

Chris Clemons: Clemons will provide pressure in spurts and go cold. Tonight he was hot. He has a  wicked inside move. Seattle hasn't executed a stunt like that since Patrick Kerney's arms fell off. Let's see how he handles Joe Staley and a more coherent offensive line.

Mansfield Wrotto: Survived.

Jeremy Bates: Designed an attack that allowed Wrotto to survive.

Alex Gibbs: Coached em up*.


Earl Thomas: Now that he's taken one to the house, we can think about all those other moments he was so, so close, remember he just turned 21 and smile.

Walter Thurmond: Thurmond was burned. Thurmond attempted to bury a shoulder instead of wrap and allowed a touchdown. Thurmond was playing fearless bump-and-run coverage less than 11 months after surgery to repair his ACL, MCL and PCL. Walter wins.

Tyjuan Hagler: Hagler was indeed very active last game, something I recognized after reviewing the tape. He popped a fullback and contained and did nuts and bolts linebacker stuff you do not see enough of from David Hawthorne or Will Herring. He had another active game tonight and may have earned a spot over a starter from last season.

Lofa Tatupu: Tats loves football. Football is better with Tatupu. Seattle's defense is better with Tatupu. Tats was out there banging helmets, coordinating the front seven, filling lanes and cleaning up coverage.

Cord Parks: Parks is a very smooth athlete and when you can prove that on the football field, coaches start looking at you different. He will sign somewhere. He may stick.


Mike Williams: I am a homer. To an extent. I am a homer. Williams has long since proven everything he can prove in the preseason. Sometime last week, I started thinking what is a realistic estimate for receptions and receiving yards. Can Mike surpass a thousand?

Leon Washington: No one looked good. Washington looked less damaging.

Aaron Curry: Does indeed look different with Tatupu on the field. Like he doesn't have to be a leader.


Will Herring: Herring saw a ton of action. This might have been an audition. His showing last season not withstanding, Herring is by no means entrenched. He just didn't look good. He just hasn't looked good. And Hagler has.

Jordan Babineaux: See: "Will Herring." Replace "Parks and Roy Lewis" for "Hagler."

Charlie Whitehurst: Nervous in the pocket and wild. Wild is new. Wild is bad. Overall, I still think Whitehurst looks much improved from the Charger Seattle traded for.

Cameron Morrah: Another quiet night. He has lost footing every week.