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Seahawks August 2 Practice Report: Running Backs and Tight Ends

I will probably finish up my reports for yesterday just in time to get on the bus and head out. I don't think I have ever thought of writing in terms of throughput before, yet here I am. Would you like to supersize your link dump?

Running Backs

  • Justin Forsett has had the basic ability to receive and redirect at a pro level since his rookie season, but with each passing year he has honed his receiving skills and turned himself into more and more of a threat in the passing game. He ran a couple out-breaking option routes during drills and they looked clean and quick. He's never going to be Marshall Faulk or Ricky Watters, but he's turning himself into a solid outlet receiver.
  • He showed the same solid technique and fight in pass blocking that he did last season. He squares and pops, but we will have to wait until game action to track his recognition and sustain.
  • His best skill as a rusher is maximizing creases and getting small through the hole. It's tough to make much of rushing ability from watching practice, but he looks like the same rusher from last year. That is meaningful in a position that is seemingly always wearing down rather than improving.
  • Julius Jones flashed on a reception reinforcing the notion that Jones is great at everything but running the football. He could excel on some team with a good run blocking line but without a steady three down back, like maybe Arizona (though, my opinion of Beanie Wells is very, very low.)

Tight Ends

  • Apart from Carlson, it's been Cameron Morrah that has shown the most potential among Seattle's tight ends. He roasted Joe Pawelek on a deep route. He threw down in pass pro. And he ran a nice short angle route towards the sidelines.
  • Morrah was a bit of a forgotten man on last year's squad, but we shouldn't underestimate what it means for Morrah to go from seventh-round tools prospect to making the roster to making the active roster in his rookie season.
  • I saw Anthony McCoy lose a block and little else from him. He should experience the most growth over the next few weeks, but he needs it.
  •  I also saw Chris Baker lose a block. That's pretty insignificant for a veteran. My intentions known: I would love for the kids to outplay and displace the free agent.
  • John Carlson made a juggling grab in traffic. Here's a question, and perhaps I am exposing homer inclinations here but, would Carlson be coming off back to back Pro Bowl seasons if he played for the Colts? Apart from blocking, there's not much Carlson doesn't excel at.